Access to your log data made easy

STORE makes it easy for you to access your log data without having to change your workflows or deal with the overhead of traditional databasing applications. Eliminate the need to hunt for files in system folders. Access data cleaned by LAS WORX CLEAN. With STORE, you always have a live and complete picture of your log data and fast access to your files in ways you may not have thought possible.

Quickly find the logs you need

STORE provides a suite of query tools to enable you to find just the logs that match your criteria. Identify wells using a variety of well location search methods then further filter your files based on curve types and header field attributes. Your jumbled collection of randomly scattered files is instantly transformed into an organized picture of your logs that can be located and accessed immediately.

Share your logs with others

With STORE, every user in your company has easy, shared access to your log data. STORE will automatically validate the condition of each file without having to do any up front work. Files cleaned by LAS WORX can be grouped by any criteria including data source, type, logging suites, play, status and others. You control who has access to which data groups.

Know the geographical distribution of your data

Using your own well table, STORE enables you to see which wells you have log data coverage for directly from a map. Well spots are overlaid on a heat map shading data concentration by state/county or by province specific survey system boundaries. Lasso wells from your map to highlight on a well list.

Curved mnemonics table builder

This feature of STORE enables you to see at a glance all of the curve mnemonics in your files that have not been assigned to your curve table.

Mine your log data

This feature of STORE enables you to mine your files for key field values and attributes of interest. View and sort the data on screen and export reports for use elsewhere.


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