Easily Validate, Correct and Enhance your LAS Files

EDIT is the newest member of the LAS WORX family of log data products. It is designed to help you quickly and effectively resolve LAS file issues, enhance and customize your data and take the guesswork out of ensuring your data meets the highest standards possible. Whether your data is sourced from logging companies, data vendors or is generated internally by your analytical applications, EDIT provides for their fast and effective preparation.

Automatically correct your logs

EDIT eliminates the need to hunt through your LAS files to determine where problems are by automatically identifying and correcting them according to your specifications. This automated process saves you time and reduces repetitive manual tasks while producing more consistent data. EDIT will also notify you of changes it’s made to give you the utmost confidence in your data.

  • Convert LAS versions 1.2 and 3.0 to 2.0
  • Unwrap files
  • Sample data downhole
  • Correct API/UWI character length
  • Normalize null values
  • Trim negative depth rows
  • Optimize file size
  • Set data decimal places
  • Match Start/Stop values to data contents

Powerful LAS and ASCII File Reading

The LAS format is universally accepted as the most convenient and effective format for transfer and use of digital log data. LAS files are created by a variety of sources which can present errors, inconsistencies and deficiencies needing resolution. Significant effort has gone into development of the EDIT file reader to make easy work of identifying and resolving the shortcomings of your files. The result is a time-tested product that will make quick work of enhancing your data.

EDIT also automatically recognizes and converts columnar ASCII files to LAS format. It is as easy as dragging and dropping files onto EDIT. It could not be any faster or easier.

Get data deficiency notifications

While EDIT resolves most file issues automatically, when situations arise, it will highlight elements of your files that require attention and notify you what action is required. To make quick work of resolving the issues, the appropriate functions are presented to you. Its interface is interactive, enabling you to make freeform changes while maintaining structural integrity of the files. You can simultaneously compare your corrected files with the original version and see curve profiles to further visualize and validate your data.

Data conversion functions at your fingertips

Imagine the ability to easily perform a wide variety of conversion functions with your LAS files to enhance them to your specifications. EDIT provides a suite of powerful data conversion functions often required when working with digital log data. These include:

  • Curve Deletion
  • Curve Renaming
  • Curve Smoothing
  • Curve Sorting
  • Curve Units Conversion
  • Curve Null Interpolation
  • Depth Shifting
  • Depth Step Conversion
  • Depth Units Conversion
  • Depth Interval Extraction

Curve and file merging made easy

The Merge function in EDIT has often been reported by customers to be the most convenient and hassle-saving utility they have used in any software application. Compare and overlay curves to accurately select splice points. Gone are the days of “blind” file merging. Whether you receive multiple data runs from logging companies that require merging or you want to merge core data with your logs, the Merge Files function should prove to be a work saving utility for you time after time.

Calculate new curves

EDIT provides a full-featured utility enabling you to quickly perform math calculations to derive new curves from your data. Create your own library of equations to recall them for later use on other files. This feature is so powerful that many use it to analyse their logs.


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