Fast, high-volume LAS file cleaning made easy

Whether you have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of LAS files to clean, CLEAN will produce accurate, consistent and trustworthy files at speeds that will quickly take care of the most daunting tasks. Turn hours of work into minutes.

Get a complete picture of your logs

Quickly locate all of your original logs and learn about them before file cleaning begins. This feature simplifies the task of finding your data and the need to open files individually to know what they contain. Query tools help you identify just the logs you need to clean. You can even easily identify and resolve duplicate files.

Clean and customize your files

Whether you need to clean hundreds or thousands of files at a time, CLEAN will accelerate the transformation of your data saving you significant time, work and frustration. Customize your logs simultaneously using your preset profile including normalizing curve mnemonics and curve units.

Hands-free, automatic file cleaning

CLEAN can also be set to automatically clean files as soon as they’re received. This will give you immediate confidence in new logs received from logging companies, data vendors or partners. There’s not one mouse-click required.

STORE your clean files for easy access and sharing

Working in unison with LAS WORX STORE, CLEAN enables you to store your cleaned files so they can be easily be found and accessed by others in your organization. Your files can be stored locally or in the Cloud.

Data mining and reporting tools

CLEAN provides a suite of utilities to help you derive more value from your logs. Data mining and reporting tools make easy work of extracting even more value from your already valuable data. All available header data fields can be searched and reports generated for use elsewhere.

Key Features

  • Batch LAS File Cleaning
  • Rules-based Data Customization
  • Rules-based Content Validation
  • Interactive Deficiency Editing
  • Data Visualization

Key Benefits

  • Better, More Consistent Data
  • Clean LAS Files in Seconds Versus Minutes
  • Easier Workflow
  • Reduce Overhead and Risk
  • Extract More Value from Your Data

Key Use Cases

  • Transform Legacy Data into Actionable Information
  • Just-in-Time Data Cleaning
  • Mine Header Metadata
  • Support to Vendor Data Delivery Systems
  • Acquisition and Divestitures


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