LAS WORX version 15.04.20 has been released containing many workflow improvements, improvements to existing functions and some new functions. Although the changes to this version may not be as evident as with other releases, this should be considered a major release because many core functions and processes have been dramatically improved.

1. Workflow Improvements

Reconfigured Settings Dialog

The File Settings dialog has been changed in several ways for several reasons. First, you now have the ability save a copy of unread LAS files into a folder so you can more easily locate these files. Previously, unread files were left in their source folders.

Secondly, we’ve grouped settings based on file categories (Original, Cleaned, Clean Requiring Attention and Unread) to make initial setup more intuitive. Previously they were shown in list format which was not as clear to new users as needed.

Please note that the top of this dialog shows settings for the new automatic processing “daemon” option added in the last general release. If you’d like to learn more about Daemon Mode, please let us know.


Clarified File Category Moves

Now when you complete your review and editing of files that LAS WORX has told you require attention, the files are now removed from the “Attention Recommended” folder to the “Cleaned Files” folder in the display. This small change makes the process more intuitive.


2. Upgrades to Existing Functions

Unevenly Incremented Files

We’ve upgraded the methodology used to automatically correct unevenly-incremented files. Previously LAS WORX identified files with at least one uneven increment then resampled the complete file to the finest increment.

The change made is to allow you to choose the resulting increment that you’d like the files automatically converted to.

Also, you now have a control to turn off the feature to automatically correct these files.


Improved Merge Files Interface

There are several workflow changes to the Merge Files function that make feature selection more intuitive. The Bind Sliders button has been relocated from the top right of the dialog to the bottom left. More importantly, we’ve added a new Textual View tab next to the Graphical View tab that allows you to compare the file contents. This is a high-use function that we believe will continue to evolve quickly.



Error Logging Enhancements

Because the LAS WORX user base grew so rapidly in 2014 we’ve seen very high volumes of use, in some cases 10’s of thousands of files have been cleaned by individuals in just a few days. Some have cleaned more than 100,000 files with sporadic use over a couple of weeks. With higher volumes of data being processed, more files with inconsistencies not previously identified have been reported. Although these cases are still rare we’ve improved identification of the issues in these files. To help provide faster service, LAS WORX will now write ZIP files containing error logs, your system settings, the version of LAS WORX and the file which requires review. This ZIP file is sent to customer care for us to determine if we can make a change to the LAS file reader to deal with the nuance in the file, as is almost always the situation. Service provided to review problematic files and to make software changes is done at no additional charge under the terms of your subscription agreement.

3. New Functions & Features

Sum Curves


There’s a new function available from the ribbon bar of the LAS WORX CONVERT module and from LAS WORX LITE. It enables you to sum the values of the curves selected and write a new curve into the file. The source curves can be automatically deleted with a setting provided.

Copy & Paste

A Copy & Paste function has been added to the file viewer

Drag and Drop

Now you can open an LAS file immediately by either dragging or dropping an LAS file onto the LAS WORX desktop icon or by double-clicking on a file. With LAS WORX PRO you can even clean all LAS files in a folder by dragging and dropping the folder onto the desktop icon.

Read ZIP Files

LAS WORX PRO will now look for LAS files within ZIP files without unzipping the file as it’s batch cleaning your files.

4. Other Improvements

There have been 42 other minor enhancements and bug fixes made to LAS WORX


In case you’re not aware, LAS WORX has an ASCII to LAS file conversion routine that will convert any non-multiplexed columnar ASCII file into an LAS file.

To use the function just select the file and follow the flow as shown below:




Resulting LAS file