LAS WORX version 14.08.27 has been released containing revisions to existing features, minor workflow improvements, and two significant new functions including the much-anticipated LAS file merge function.

Here’s an overview of its new features:

File Merging

Well, it’s here! The latest version of LAS WORX contains the File Merge function in both LAS WORX PRO (with the optional CONVERT module) and LAS WORX LITE versions. This new routine is believed to be the first in the industry to offer an interactive, graphical interface enabling you to precisely control how and where curves are spliced. The main benefit of this is accuracy of file merging making obsolete “blind” file merging tools. The new File Merge function is also believed to be the first of its type to enable multiple or iterative file merging, so you can merge more than two files in any merge session.

Using the same template-driven design as LAS WORX was founded on, the new File Merge routine allows you to set default specifications which are automatically applied as the files to be merged are selected. Based on this profile, a graphical rendering of how the curves will be merged is displayed enabling you to fine tune splice points graphically with manual override selection of curves to merge or not.

File Harvesting

The new File Harvest function in LAS WORX PRO offers a quick and easy way to locate LAS files anywhere in your organization. Just select the folder, directory or drive to search and this new feature will enable you to either move or make a copy of your LAS files.

In the example below, LAS WORX took just 10.4 seconds to locate nearly 40,000 LAS files. Imagine the time and hassle this function will save you!

Delete Duplicate Curves

The new Delete Duplicate Curves function provides a quick way to delete all but one curve in a file with exactly the same curve mnemonic. It provides two options, one to keep the curve with the longest interval and the other to keep the curve which penetrates the deepest depth.

Also included are tens of minor modifications including workflow improvements, changes in the LAS file reader to deal with previously unrecognized file structure nuances and bug fixes.

Thank you to all our customers who have provided their input about how LAS WORX might be enhanced to deliver additional value to its users. We appreciate your insight and effort in providing this to us.

Welcome to several new customers in US and in Canada. Market demand for LAS WORX, especially from the top 100 US operators, over the past few months has kept us hopping. This combined with endorsement of LAS WORX by an uber large logging service company to its customer base means more focus than ever from us on development progression. The LAS WORX user base ranges one-man petrophysical consulting companies to many of the largest Canadian, US and international E&P and service companies and many in between. Thank you.

Please feel free to contact us at for technical information or for purchase details.