Our goal with LAS WORX was to do the unimagined — engineer a product that revolutionizes the tasks of improving log data quality and consistency, simplifying its access and enabling you to interact with your data in ways you never thought possible.

Clean large volumes of LAS files blindingly fast

Whether you have to clean hundreds or tens of thousands of LAS files at a time, CLEAN will produce consistent, accurate and even customized logs at speeds that will quickly take care of the most daunting tasks. It couldn’t be any faster, easier, or more accurate.

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Accessing your LAS files made easy

The STORE platform gives you a live, complete, and organized picture of your LAS files without the need for you to do any extra work, change your workflows or require a databasing application. Understand your data better, query and access your files more easily and derive more value from them.

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Easily edit and enhance LAS files one-at-a-time

The newest in the family of LAS WORX products, EDIT helps take the hassle and uncertainty out of validating, correcting and enhancing your LAS files. No matter where your LAS files originate from, EDIT provides for their fast and effective preparation and use.

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